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bad_but_good's Journal

Bad But Good | a Miss A fanworks community
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miss A

Hi everyone! You have just stumbled over Miss A's new fanworks community! Us, kpoppin and misschatelle, have created this community to offer all Miss A fans the chance to share their love for the new JYP group.

But of course, every community needs rules, and it would be very important that you read them before posting.

1. What you post needs to be from you and only you. (In other words, nothing stolen.)

What you can post: Fics, fanart, fanmixes. What you cannot post: Graphics, news, MVs, pictures, etc. GRAPHICS GO HERE -> madein_asia.

2. Crossovers are allowed. But at least one member of Miss A needs to be a main character.

3. Fics require a header including these elements:

4. If you link your post to your journal, the content of the post needs to be open to all for a period of at least 72 hours. If you plan on locking it afterwards, it would be kind of you to put a warning stating that you will.

5. Please use the default typeface, nothing too harsh on the eyes.

6. Advertising is allowed, but you need to ask a mod's permission before. Do not forget to state in your ad that you got the mods' permission.

7. Lj-cuts are your friends!
Don't know how to use it?

8. If the content of your post is NC-17, put a warning.

9. Use the tags! (How to tag. Please click and read.)


11. Question? Ask a mod!! ^^ (If you're not sure if what you want to post is allowed, if a rule is not clear enough, if we forgot to mention something... whatever it is, you can ask! ^^)

Now, this seems to cover everything for the moment.

Now please follow the 12th and most important rule: